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{ ♚ } Pretty late to say, but my Marth is on hiatus. I’ve been busy — not only that but I’ve forgotten Marth’s email (finally remembered it now), and I’ve been distracted by other muses.

My Marth muse hasn’t been strong lately, and I’m a little anxious by the fact that I have many followers, so my urge to RP him is very little.

What I can do to fix this issue is to try playing some more FE3 (and maybe even FE12) to get the muse back into gear. For now, he’s on hiatus so that I don’t have to stress over replies.

I’m sorry for keeping others waiting for replies, and I’m sorry for being an inactive roleplayer.

Strengthen Your Ideals || Marth & Lucina


At his comment, Lucina nodded slowly, looking around for a moment. There weren’t any Risen around at the current time… But who knew when they would show up again…

"That may be the best idea. Perhaps we would be safer if we either went into a nearby town, or went back to my camp…" She answered quietly, looking up at him for approval. After all, it would be his call when it came to what they did next. But either way, they would be safer there than they were now, out in the open.

"Where would you rather go, milord?" She asked, rocking back and forth on her heels for a moment. It was becoming obvious that she was becoming a little bit on edge, simply standing there. It was just out of caution, but her hand was resting on Falchion’s hilt, just in case someone jumped out and tried to attack them. After all, in times such as this, one could never be too cautious.

Although they were practically the same in royal status, Marth noticed how the young princess watched him as if waiting for an approval from him. He didn’t feel as though his choice on the matter would help at all considering he wasn’t sure about the customs in this world, even if it is the same world but in a different timeline. He didn’t know how much has changed, and he wanted to treat any situation carefully as possible.

❝Perhaps it may put you in an odd position if I would stumble upon your camp,❞ he said, wondering who might be waiting for Lucina back in her own camp. Why was she out here in the first place? Though it wasn’t Marth’s place to question her just yet. He continued speaking, ❝This place— I feel as though I don’t belong here…❞

❝Ah, but the choice is your, Lady Lucina. I trust you have a far better answer.❞

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 // Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all are enjoying a great time.

As for me, I will be busy so I’ll be back at an earlier time tomorrow! See you all soon, and be safe everyone!



Mario’s eye gleamed with joy! Soon his mustache would be the prettiest of them all. Now he just need to acquire said items and everything would be good!

"Thank-a you! Let’s-a go get em, new friend. How shall-a we go about this?!"

The stranger seemed very enthusiastic and friendly, and so Marth felt no hostility towards him as the short man asked him another question. He decided to think to himself for a moment, his gaze facing elsewhere as he did.

❝Well, if you come along,❞ he said as he turned to face the red-clad man, ❝I’ll lead you to Altea’s best marketplace.❞

There was a sudden pause, but soon the prince continued again.

❝— By the by, I haven’t introduced myself yet. I am Marth, Prince of Altea. It’s a pleasure to meet you, sir.❞

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 // I was planning to answer all of my replies tonight but I realise I need to sleep now because I will be very busy tomorrow morning. I might get things done around evening or sooner.


With his gloved hand, Mario began to rub his chin at the man’s answer. Mario’s mustache was now very curious.


"Hmmm.. and where-a may I acquire these.. uhh.. things?"

Marth wasn’t expecting the question, but he made sure to answer it anyway.


❝They may be hard to acquire for a foreigner… But if you wish, I can provide you with a few of these items.❞

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ooc: Would you like to rp with Lyon? (Also I’m Azel-mun, I’m replying to you now)


 // Sure!

And my, you’re pretty quick, but I’ll try to reply fast enough after I get to Ephraim and Lucina’s reply.

// I will get to replies mmmmaybe tomorrow.

Also, if anyone wants to, let me know if you want to RP with me if you already haven’t. I’m always okay with new RPs!

littleredguido sent a letter: You sure-a have nice hair. What shampoo do ya' use?

The strong accent grabbed Marth’s curiosity, although he focused on replying to the question at hand.

❝Sham…poo? I’ve never heard of such a word before… But I do use rosemary water,  lavender and other herb mixtures for my hair— if that’s what you’re asking…❞